Television Credits

Television Miniseries

Top of the Lake (2013) – 7 Episodes

– See-Saw Films: Emile Sherman, Iain Canning, Jane Campion, Philippa Campbell

(total sound postproduction)

• Best Sound in Television, AACTA Awards 2014


– BBC (UK) 2x 1hr (Foley)

The Kindness of Strangers

– Granada UK – 2x 90min (Foley)

Murder City

– ITV (UK) 4 x 90min (Foley)

Marian Again

– ITV (UK) 2 x 1hr  (Foley)


– BBC (UK) 4 x 1hr  (Foley)

Blue Murder

– ABC/Southern Star (total sound post production) – 2x 2hr

Tracks of Glory

– Barron Films  (total sound post production) – 4x 1hr

An Angel at My Table

– Hibiscus Films (total sound post production) – 3x 1hr

Tanamera – Lion of Singapore

– Central Television/Grundy (sound editing, mixing) – 7x 1hr


Television Series

All Saints (2000 – 2009)

– The Seven Network (sound post production facilities)

• Best Achievement in Sound for Television Drama – Nomination

   ASSG Awards 2009, Episode 477

• Best Achievement in Sound for a Television Drama

   ASSG Awards 2007, Episode 393

• Best Achievement in Sound for a Television Drama

   ASSG Awards 2006, Episode 358

• Best Achievement in Sound for a Television Drama,

   ASSG Awards 2005, Episode 318

• Best Achievement in Sound for a Television Drama,

   ASSG Awards 2004, Episode 280

• Best Achievement in Sound for a Television Drama

   ASSG Awards 2001, Episode 157

Sea Patrol (2007)

– Nine Network/McElroy Television (total sound post production) – Series One, 13x 1-hr

 Family Business

– Tiger Aspect/BBC (UK) 6 x 1-hour (Foley)

Gunpowder Treason and Plot

– BBC (UK)  (Foley) 4 x 1-hour

Murder Squad

– ITV (UK) (Foley) – 6 x 90 mins


– BBC (UK)  (Foley) – 6 x 1 hr

Out There

– Blink Films/Michael Bourchier (Foley) – Series 1 & 2

Medical Incredible

– Beyond Productions (total sound postproduction) 6 x 1-hr

Wrecks to Riches

– Beyond Productions (sound postproduction facilities)

All About George

– ITV (UK) 6 x 1-hour (Foley)

Wild at Heart

– Company Pictures/ITV (UK) 6 x 1-hour for (Foley)

Double Agents

– Beyond Productions/The Discovery Network (total sound postproduction) – 45x 1hr

African Solutions

– Thought Films (sound editing & mixing facilities) 13x 1/2 hr

Young Lions

– Quicksilver Productions (sound post production facilities)

Above the Law

– McElroy Television (total sound post production)

Murder Call

– West Street Productions (total sound postproduction) – Series Two

Heartbreak High

– Gannon Television (postproduction facilities)

House Gang

– Film Australia (total sound postproduction) – 6x 1/2hr

The Search for Meaning

– Coroline Jones Productions (facilities, mixing)

This Land Australia

– Sorena Productions (mixing facilities) – 13x 1hr

Blood Sweat and Tears

– Sorena Productions (sound editing facilities, mixing) – 13x 1hr

Flying Doctors

– Crawford Productions (Sydney ADR recording)

Willing and Abel

– Lynn Bayonas Productions (sound editing, mixing) – 26x 1hr

Return to Eden

– McElroy & McElroy (sound editing, music editing) – 23x 1hr



Every Time You Look at Me

– BBC (UK) (Foley)

Footprints in the Snow

– ITV (UK)  (Foley)

Girl in the Cafe

– BBC Wales/Tightrope/HBO (Foley)

Child of Mine

– ITV (UK)  (Foley)

The Riot at the Rite

– BBC (UK)  (Foley)

After The Rain

– Columbia TriStar/Showtime (total sound postproduction)

Balmain Boys

– McElroy Television/Columbia TriStar (total sound postproduction)


Animation Series

Koala Brothers

– Famous Flying Films (UK) 52 x 10 min (Foley)


– Bunker Productions/Louise Alston – series pilot (total sound postproduction)

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