Oscar Winners Follow Terminator Producer to New Life in TV Land

Oscar winner Jane Campion’s next project, a mystery thriller featuring “Mad Men” actress Elizabeth Moss and fellow Academy Award holder Holly Hunter, won’t be coming to a cinema near you.

Campion, who directed “The Piano,” is following peers such as “Pulp Fiction” financier Harvey Weinstein and “Terminator” producer Gale Anne Hurd to television, where investment in original productions is booming. The first foray of New Zealand-born Campion into TV is “Top of the Lake,” a BBC drama series about a detective investigating the disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old girl who walked into a freezing lake.

“Creative people are always looking for places where they can have freedom and writers have more power in TV,” Campion said in an interview last week in Cannes, France, where she was promoting the series at the Mipcom fair, the world’s biggest market for TV programs. ‘You have more opportunities,’’ she said, adding that financing for classic cinema movies has “tightened.”

TV operators including HBO, AMC, Lifetime and British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc (BSY) are ramping up investments to buy and create programming to attract viewers, especially to the global pay-TV market, which is predicted by PricewaterhouseCoopers to surge by 30 percent to $254.7 billion by 2016. The audience for television is expanding as more people watch shows on computer screens, tablets and even mobile phones and new video-streaming services allow access at any time.

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Article from Business Week