Short Film Credits

The Gift

– Lucy Gaffy, Lyn Norfor (sound postproduction services)

Pocket Money

– Matt Durrant, Martin Thorne (total sound postproduction)


– Claire Phillips, Adrian Chiarella (sound re-recording mixing)

I’m The One

– Curious Film, Paola Morabito, Tara Riddell (sound postproduction services)

The Landing

– Perception Pictures (total sound post production)

• Best Achievement in Sound Post-Production, St. Kilda Film Festival 2014

The Cartographer

Karinn Cheung, Jane Shadbolt (foley recording, Sound re-recording mixing)

London Calling

– Nic Waterman, Charlotte McLellan (sound postproduction services)

Change Given

– Ariel Martin (sound re-recording mixing)

Dear Diary

– Kane Christopher Entertainment (sound postproduction services)


– Antaine Furlong, Don Reynolds (total sound postproduction)


– Lawrence Lim (total sound postproduction)

The Clearing

– Chaotic Pictures (cinema re-recording mixing)

The Tribe

– Songe Arts, Jeremy Johnson (sound postproduction services)

The Colours of Home (a.k.a.No Dice)

– No Dice Films, Daniel Pront (sound re-recording mixing)

The Distance Between

– Melissa Azizi  (ADR and Foley recording, sound re-recording mixing)

• Best Achievement in Sound for a Short Fiction Film, ASSG Awards 2009

Night Train

– Multivision Entertainment, GSL Entertainment (total sound postproduction)

Nice Shootin Cowboy

– Arenafilm Pty Ltd, Ben Phelps (total sound postproduction)

The Ground Beneath

– Passion Pictures, Kristina Ceyton, Rene Hernandez (total sound postproduction)

The Mirage

– Leonie Savvides, MarkBradshaw, Clare Young

Purgatory (a.k.a. Dead Air)

– West Productions, Dael Oates, Carly Benedet (foley recording and sound re-recording mixing)

The Dog With The Electric Collar

– Head Pictures, Damon Escott, Steve Baker (sound re-recording mixing)


– Lightshaft Entertainment (total sound postproduction)


– AFTRS/Natalie Palomo (sound re-recording mixing)

I Love Sarah Jane

– InCase Network Pty Ltd (re-recording mixing)

Sam and Marni

– Carmen Galan (total sound postproduction)


– Tony Radevski & Jongsu Oh (total sound postproduction)

  • Best Sound Post Production for a Short Film (St Kilda Film Festival 2009)


– West Productions, Melissa Anastazi, Katrina Beck (foley services and re-recording mixing)


– Scope Red, Luke Graham, Heath Davis (total sound postproduction)

Last Night

– Anvil Films (total sound postproduction)


– Leonie Savvides, Clare Young (total sound postproduction)

The Container

– Pigrim Films, Jamyang DorjiJulia Booth (foley recording and sound re-recording mixing)

La Même Nuit

– Gracie Otto (sound re-recording mixing)

Tomorrow (a.k.a. Little Things)

– Swing Wing International, David Curzon, Simon Portus (total sound postproduction)

The Bug

– Jane Campion, Christopher Gill (total sound postproduction)

Mirror Mirror

– Wintertime Films/John Winter – (total sound postproduction)


– Bunker Productions/Louise Alston (sound post services)


– Furious Films/David No (sound re-recording mixing)


– Locust Valley Films/Craig Kocioski (sound re-recording mixing)


– James Findlay and Natasha Grey (total sound postproduction)

• Best Achievement in Sound for a Short Film – Nomination, ASSG Awards 2006

The Water Diary

– Jane Campion /UN (total sound postproduction)

The Mouse That Ate My Brain

– Nicholas Goldsworthy, Blind Mice Pty Ltd (film re-recording mixing only)

• Best Achievement in Sound for a Short Film – Nomination, ASSG Awards 2006

Can I Call You

– Multivision 235 (total sound postproduction)

When Actors Go Bad

Halfmute Productions/Michael Egan (total sound postproduction)


– Jonathon Nix (cinema re-recording mixing)


– Siren Films (foley recording services)

• Best Achievement in Sound for a Short Film, ASSG Awards 2005

No Sanctuary

– Front Row Films (sound re-recording mixing)

• Best Achievement in Sound for a Short Film – Nomination, ASSG Awards 2005


– Janneke Fussell (foley recording, re-recording mixing)

Karma Complete

– Rhett Nacson (total sound postproduction)

Touched By Fellini

Chester Productions/Jennifer Campbell, Paul Barry (foley and ADR recording, sound re-recording mixing)

Boys Own Story

– Ticket To Ride/Jamie Hilton, Michael Petroni (sound re-recording mixing)


– Jonathon Nix (Cinema re-recording mixing)


– Ben Ferris (sound re-recording mixing)

Black & White

– MacGowan Films/Charlie Carman (total sound postproduction)

Frank’s Dream

– Mystery Clock Cinema/Alex Proyas (total sound postproduction)

Harry The Hunchback

– Sally Madgwick (sound post services, re-recording mixing)

Somewhere Near Kokoda

– Jacka Films/Brad Haynes (cinema sound re-recording mixing)

In a Pickle

– Janneke Arent, Rory Williamson (total sound postproduction)


– Melissa Anastasi (sound re-recording mixing)


– Damon Herriman (sound re-recording mixing)

Another Dinner

– Hyoung-il Park (sound post services)

The Faking Game

– Damon Herriman (sound re-recording mixing)

Mind the Gap

– Elaine Elston (total sound postproduction)

• Best Achievement in Sound for a Short Film – Nomination, ASSG Awards 2005

The Restless Imperfect

– Alex Behse (total sound post production)


– RadHart Pictures (cinema re-recording)


– Skylight Films (total sound post production)


– Judd Tilyard (cinema mix version)

Calling Gerry Molloy

– Corner Stone Pictures (sound re-recording mixing))


– Autumn Films/Ivan Sen (total sound post production)


– Mayfan Pty Ltd/Ivan Sen (total sound post production)

  • Best Achievement in Sound – Nomination (AFI Awards 1999)


– Visibly Better Production (sound re-recording mixing)

Your Turn

– Luminous Fims (total sound post production)

Urban Fairytale

– Michelle Mahrer (total sound post production)

  • Best Achievement in Sound – Nomination (AFI Awards 1997)

What’s the Deal

– Green Light Productions (sound re-recording mixing)


– Black Frame Productions (sound re-recording mixing)

This Film is a Dog

– Black Frame Productions (cinema re-recording for print master)


– Blackfella Films (sound re-recording mixing)

Lucinda 31

– Too True Films (total sound postproduction)

Page 73

– Black Productions (total ADR replacement recording/editing)

The Gap

– The Gap Productions (sound recording & editing facilities)

Yeah, Mostafa

– Porchlight Films (sound re-recording mixing)

Excursion to the Bridge of Friendship

– Puss Puss Films (sound re-recording mixing)

Dream Riders

– Pacific Link Productions (sound editing, re-recording mixing)

Just Desserts

– NRG Films (sound editing, re-recording mixing)

As Happy as Larry

– Far Sighted Films (sound editing, re-recording mixing)

  • Best Achievement in Sound – Nomination (AFI Awards 1997)

Union Street

– (Animation) Wendy Chandler (sound editing, re-recording mixing)

Bad News Bachelors

– Realworld Pictures (sound editing, re-recording mixing)

Bum Steer (Kissin’ Cousins)

– Acme Films (sound editing, re-recording mixing)

Take a Seat

– Jo Pettit and Monique Westerman (sound editing, re-recording mixing)

A Rat In The Building

– Andrew Horne (sound editing, re-recording mixing)

Courting Stress

– NF Provision (sound editing, re-recording mixing)

Who Needs a Lawyer

– NF Provision (sound editing, re-recording mixing)

A Day and a Half

– Michael Karris (addit. sound editing, re-recording mixing)

Sharkey’s Party

– Lawless Productions (sound recording, sound editing, re-recording mixing)

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